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BSR_S04E03_#FringeArts - Red Lodge, Montana - Michael Osinski

The Antidote has created an unapologetic love letter to David Lynch - Red Lodge, Montana - for this year's Fringe Festival (September 7-15). Co-created by the ensemble - including Philly favorite Amanda Schoonover, Anthony Crosby, Kelly McCaughan, Josh Hitchens, and others - the show is a live-action nightmare staged in the former girls' locker room at Bok in South Philadelphia.


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Fly Eagles Fly - Tribe Of Fools

On today’s podcast, Terry Brennen drops by to talk about the origins of the Tribe of Fools production, “Fly Eagles Fly” which, presents a verses of who’s a true fan and a #NotRealFan. We use that as a platform to talk about fandom and community. Philadelphia is a unique city and our love for the game is very special. Whether you are a theater geek or a sports nut, fandom blurs those lines. Stay Tuned!

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