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BSR_S04E03_#FringeArts - Red Lodge, Montana - Michael Osinski

The Antidote has created an unapologetic love letter to David Lynch - Red Lodge, Montana - for this year's Fringe Festival (September 7-15). Co-created by the ensemble - including Philly favorite Amanda Schoonover, Anthony Crosby, Kelly McCaughan, Josh Hitchens, and others - the show is a live-action nightmare staged in the former girls' locker room at Bok in South Philadelphia.


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BSR_S04E01 - #EdFringe - XOXO Moongirl, Almanac Dance Circus Theatre

On today’s podcast, Almanac Dance Circus Theatre brings the wildly popular XOXO Moongirl to Edinburgh Festival Fringe. After taking the production to Mexico, Nicole Burgio and Melanie Hsu settle into their space at Assembly Festival for this experience. Here is my interview with Nicole Burgio and Melanie Hsu of XOXO Moongirl.

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BSR_S03E22 - #EdFringe - Right In The Eye_Jean-Francois Alcolea

On today’s podcast, Musician, Jean-Francois Alcoléa talks about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe offering, Right In The Eye, a live musical production featuring the works of Georges Méliès, the inventor of cinema and special effects. This production, featured at the French Institute in Edinburgh, tours all over the world. Here is my interview with Jean-Francois Alcoléa.

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