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RR_S10E12 - #1812Productions - The Roommate

Today on the podcast, 1812 Productions presents, The Roommate by Jen Silverman. On the first day of tech, I sit down with Director Harriet Power and actors Artistic Director, Jenn Childs and Grace Gonglewski. Here’s my interview with 1812 Productions, The Roommate. 

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RR_S10E11 - #FringeArts - Operation: Wawa Road Trip, Joseph Ahmed

On today’s podcast, our 2019 FringeArts coverage continues with Director Joseph Ahmed. Tribe of Fools annual fringe offering Operation: Wawa Road Trip, takes a brother and sister on a trip to pay tribute, deal with loss and a battle between two Pennsylvania convenient stores. Here’s my interview with Joseph Ahmed.

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RR_S10E08 - #EdFringe - Hitler’s Tasters

On today’s podcast, here at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we meet the creative team of Hitler’s Tasters. This ticket is highly shut after and I managed to get them along with the opportunity to chat. Here’s my interview for Hitler’s Tasters. 

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S10E03 - "Among The Dead" in Exile

On today’s podcast, Deborah Block talks about the Philadelphia Premiere “Among The Dead” by Hansol Jung. The piece uses a bit of theatre magic to craft the story’s past, calling on a higher power to show the way. Stay Tuned for my interview with Deborah Block.


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S10E01 - 1812 Presents "The God Project"

On today’s podcast, I head over to 1812 Productions to talk about the new play, “The God Project” where two pastor’s kids find unexpected common ground at a Swedish furniture store. Writers and Performers Sean Close and Jenn Childs talk about similarities growing up in this “God Couple” of  a play featuring Joilet Harris. Here’s my conversation with Sean Close and Jenn Childs.

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James Ijames - Gem Of The Ocean - Part 2

On today’s podcast, we return with part 2 of my chat with James IJames, director of August Wilson’s “Gem of the Ocean” at Arden Theatre Company. 

If you haven’t listened to Part one, head on over to Broad Street Review Podcast and subscribe.

James makes everyone think a little bit deeper about the intentions of characters and the worlds they inhabit. We talk about crafting a vision on an already layered piece, sharing that vision with an amazing design team, audience responses and the through-lines of Wilson’s work.

So, here is part two of my interview with James Ijames. 

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Robin Rodriguez takes us to "A Good Place NOT To Be"

On today’s podcast, I touch base with Robin Rodriguez, local playwright who has decided to to go beyond the traditional staged reading in order to visualize a new play in progress titled “A Good Place Not To Be”. An earlier piece presented in the 2009 SPARK Showcase brought to life the work that after life happened, began to show signs of a through line in totalitarianism and reflection of power dynamic, miss-information and relationships. Stay Tuned!

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“An Oak Tree” grows in Exile’s new home!

On today’s podcast, Deb Block met me outside the new “Exile Building” for an audible tour as Theatre Exile prepares to open “An Oak Tree” by Tim Crouch featuring Pearce Bunting and a slew of notable Phialdelphia Artists and special guests like Evan Jonigkeit, Zosia Mamet and Paul Giamatti. Stay Tuned!

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Inis Nua's American premiere of "Box Clever" by Monsay Whitney

On today’s podcast, I spoke with Tom Reing about the Inis Nua American Premiere of “Box Clever” by Monsay Whitney. We explore first impressions, how this piece resonates with past roles, current situations in the U.K. and the U.S. and how Philly Theatre Week presents opportunities for new audiences to engage in the conversation. Stay Tuned!

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CJ Higgins and Jenn Adams unpack "My Gay Agenda" and "We'll Sleep When We're Dead"

On today’s podcast, we explore “My Gay Agenda”, a podcast features members of the creative LGBTQIA community. CJ Higgins and Jenn Adams talk about the origins of this podcast and where their other creative pursuits lie, including “The Hum”N”Bards Theatre Troupe’s production of “We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead”. Stay Tuned!

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Let's talk about "Clown Sex Ed" with a Tribe of Fools

On today’s podcast, Tara Demmy and Zachary Chiero stop by to fill in the gaps on some terrible sex education received growing up. Using clowning as the vehicle, Tribe of Fools aims to educate, entertain and have a little fun at the expense of everyone’s favorite topic in Health class. Stay Tuned!

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An Idiopathic "DreamGirl"

On today’s podcast, we return to Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium to talk with Tina Brock and Brittany Holdahl about Elmer Rice’s “DreamGirl”, set in one of the chapels of St. Mary’s Church at Hamilton Village on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. We discuss the production itself and dive into the church and its history. Stay Tuned!

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