S10E01 - 1812 Presents "The God Project"

On today’s podcast, I head over to 1812 Productions to talk about the new play, “The God Project” where two pastor’s kids find unexpected common ground at a Swedish furniture store. Writers and Performers Sean Close and Jenn Childs talk about similarities growing up in this “God Couple” of  a play featuring Joilet Harris. Here’s my conversation with Sean Close and Jenn Childs.


The God Project is the story of Drew and Sheila, two co-workers at an overstocked Swedish furniture store. Sheila is kind and zealous, Drew is standoffish and bitter. They discover some unlikely common ground, however, when they realize that they are both Pastor’s Kids (PKs). Having left, or been kicked out of, church life, both have landed in this packed warehouse, assembling pieces of Swedish furniture with names that don’t make sense and waiting for the next sign from the universe, message from God, or appearance from their uncanny manager, Val. The God Project illuminates the hopes, frustrations, anger, and faith of two everyday people in the middle of a journey, one kuggstång at a time.