CJ Higgins and Jenn Adams unpack "My Gay Agenda" and "We'll Sleep When We're Dead"

On today’s podcast, we explore “My Gay Agenda”, a podcast features members of the creative LGBTQIA community. CJ Higgins and Jenn Adams talk about the origins of this podcast and where their other creative pursuits lie, including “The Hum”N”Bards Theatre Troupe’s production of “We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead”. Stay Tuned!


My Gay Agenda is a bi-weekly queer education/comedy podcast, where we interview members of the queer/LGBTQIA community to plot whatever is on the infamous Gay Agenda that conservatives keep talking about.  Co-hosts (or co-conspirators) Jenn Adams and CJ Higgins sit down with members of the queer community to discuss what’s important to them; identity, pop culture, politics, delicious snacks, and so much more.  The first episode was released on National Coming Out Day in October of 2017, and since then we have interviewed queer people around the world and hosted several live shows in the Philadelphia area.


Government-mandated chipping to end the need for sleep provides new ways to exploit workers. Dreams can’t come true when you don’t have any. Slip into your Vintage Pajamas and chase the feeling of dreaming with The Hum’n’bards.   With their trademark queer rock style, The Hum’n’bards explore this 24 hour world - with underground Sleepeasies and flood lights blotting out each star in the sky.