S03E17 - BSR Spotlight - Kyle V. Hiller, Associate Editor

On today’s podcast, Associate Editor, Kyle V. Hiller stopped by to talk about his start in journalism, what makes him unique and his own podcast “Casual Misfits Radio”. Here’s my interview with Kyle V. Hiller. 



Kyle V. Hiller is a writer and editor born and raised in West Philadelphia. Kyle has been a freelance journalist since 2014 and published his first novel, The Recital, in 2016. His second novel, Project Anjouis slated for 2020. He's one of the hosts of the podcast Casual Misfit Radio and co-founder of Angelella Editorial. When he's not doing writerly things, he's listening to '80s Japanese city pop vinyls, improvising culinary adventures, geeking over video games, and contemplating the mysteries of space and the ocean. If you're bored, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.