Emily Acker's "Boycott Esther" - S03E14

On today’s podcast, playwright Emily Acker,  who you may know as a founding member of Orbiter3, talks about Azuka Theatre’s world premiere of “Boycott Esther”, an urgent response to the #metoo movement. We discuss the pros and cons of social media,  and conversations that shaped the piece. Here’s my conversation with Emily Acker. 


In an urgent response to the #metoo movement, Emily Acker's Boycott Esther chronicles the aftermath of a young woman's career once her boss, a Hollywood mogul, becomes enmeshed in a workplace sexual misconduct scandal. In a world where information is spread and opinions are formed in the click of a mouse, this hilarious drama begs the pressing question, what is our collective capacity for forgiveness?

Azuka Theatre’s Production is a Pay What You Decide.

For reservations and information, visit http://azukatheatre.org