Hedgerow "Pity Them All" - Moby-Dick

On today’s podcast, I head to Rose Valley to experience Hedgerow Theatre’s adaptation of Herman Mellville’s Moby-Dick directed by Kittson O’Neil. How do the themes of vengeance and persuasion speak to the society we live in today? Robert Smythe, who plays Ahab, is my guest.  Pity Ahab. Pity Starbuck. Pity them all. Here is my interview of Hedgerow Theatre’s production of Moby-Dick.

Photo Credit: Wide Eyed Studios

Photo Credit: Wide Eyed Studios

ABOUT MOBY-DICK (Barrymore Recommended)

Two inches of American oak are all that lie between you and the bottom of the sea. Just five inches of sharpened iron protect you from the crush of a behemoth’s tail. Only the sixteen other humans floating with you on a wooden speck in the sea keep you from going mad… or can they?

What — or who — could make you turn away from easy profit and follow the pull to greatness, willingly steering into the jaws of death? Someone magnetic and delightful. Someone generous and single minded. Someone stern and thrilling. Someone…


Eight actors and a few objects create Melville’s world of ships and taverns and storms and coffins. What will you find there? Brotherhood? Madness? Purpose?

 All of these. And more.

Pity Ahab. Pity Starbuck. Pity them all.